#2 CNI and craft container orchestrators

What is CNCF? Cos’é CNCF?

CNCF is a branch of The Linux Foundation focused on Cloud Computing and modern scalable architectures. it’s supporting tools like Kubernetes, Prometheus, containerd and so on. If you are using one of them or you are looking to know more about them, this is your meetup. Join us! hashtag #CNCFItaly on twitter.

About the event

CNI is a powerful library designed to manage container networking. It’s a project started by CoreOS and it is used under the hood from a lot of popular OSS projects like kubernetes, the legacy swarm and so on. Lorenzo will show us how it works in practice and how it is under the Cloud Native Foundation.

After this talk, Gianluca will start a conversation about container runtime, distributed system and orchestator. He is building the automation tools behind https://cloud.influxdata.com/ the as a service solution to use a hosted InfluxDB and the TICK stack.


7.00 - 7.45 Practical CNI [ENG]

The Container Network Interface project redefined the way we connect containers and think about networks when using the container runtimes that implemented the specification, however the specification hides a lot of interesting implementation details addressed by the project itself or external plugin. The purpose of this talk is to tackle the topic in a practical way by showing what’s under the CNI and by showcasing cool hacks and usage scenarios.

7.45 - 8.30 CNI, Raft, CRI rocket.. free chat about craf container orchestrator [ENG]

I would like to speak about what I am actually doing at InfluxData. Sharing with you some ideas about how an orchestrator should work. We will start from a bit of history about distributed system, containers, runtime and so on. Hoping to have a good chat about the future of scheduling and orchestrator.

20.30-21.30 Networking, Pizza and Beers

The speakers

Lorenzo Fontana

DevOps @ Kiratech Docker Captain - Docker Maintainer . https://twitter.com/fntlnz

Gianluca Arbezzano

Site Reliability Engineer at InfluxData. https://twitter.com/gianarb

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