Prometheus as exposition format for eBPF programs

by Leonardo Di Donato

CNCF Italy at September 13, 2019

eBPF powered Distributed Kubernetes performance analysis

by Lorenzo Fontana

CNCF Italy at September 6, 2019

Security with Falco by Lorenzo David

by Lorenzo David

CNCF Italy at September 3, 2019

GoLang application metrics on Kubernetes by Dario Tranchitella

by Dario Tranchitella

CNCF Italy at July 8, 2019

Kubernetes Beyond by Andrea Tosatto

by Andrea Tosatto

CNCF Italy at July 4, 2019

gRPC and OpenTracing. How do we build microservices at Enter by Federico Minzoni

by Federico Minzoni

CNCF Italy at February 10, 2018

Kubernetes, the CoreOS way by Luca Bruno

by Luca Bruno

CNCF Italy at January 17, 2018

Practical CNI by Lorenzo Fontana

by Lorenzo Fontana

CNCF Italy at January 9, 2018

Inside the Map Implementation

by Keith Randall

GopherCon 2016 at November 23, 2017

Kelsey Hightower HashiConf 2017 Keynote

by Kelsey Hightower

HashiConf 2017 at November 8, 2017

Evolutionary Optimization with Go

by Peter Bourgon

GopherCon 2017 at November 1, 2017

What's in a container? The OCI Answer

by Jon Boulle

All-System-Go at October 24, 2017

CNI, Raft, CRI rocket.. A chat about craf orchestrator

by Gianluca Arbezzano

CNCFItaly at October 21, 2017

You, latency and profiling @ GolangUK 2017

by Filippo Valsorda

GolangUK 2017 at October 9, 2017

So You Wanna Go Fast?

by Tyler Treat

Strange Loop at October 2, 2017

What's inside a container?

by Gareth Rushgrove

Docker Randstad at September 13, 2017

Orbiter: an OSS Docker Swarm Autoscaler - Gianluca

by Gianluca Arbezzano

Docker Randstad at September 13, 2017

Opentracing in theory

by Gianluca Arbezzano

CNCF Italy at June 14, 2017

Listen to your application and please sleep

by Gianluca Arbezzano

InfoShare at March 18, 2017

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