GoLang application metrics on Kubernetes by Dario Tranchitella

With the rise of micro-services, a DevOps approach must be applied: this means we need to ensure to obey to C.A.L.M.S. pillars. Obviously, this talk will focus on the M one that stands for Metrics and sometimes people don’t think how are they important, or at least just use the one provided by available collectors.

In this talk we’ll explore how to write your own metrics with a simple GoLang queue-based application, exposing useful metrics in order to measure new features and check the health status of your inner subsystems.


  • https://github.com/prometherion/prometheus-exporter-golang
  • https://www.slideshare.net/GianlucaArbezzano/monitoring-pull-vs-push-influxdb-and-prometheus
  • https://prometheus.io/docs/instrumenting/clientlibs/

The speaker

Dario Tranchitella

Father of twins (HA mode). Kubernetes worshipper, head in the cloud. Actually: Cloud DevOps Engineer @EasyWP(@namecheap) (at CNCF Italy)