K-Rule: evolution of a framework for event-driven solutions toward a cloud-native paradigm shift

K-Rule was conceived as a flexible and fast way to develop applications that could extend, integrate and structure solutions that connect intelligently and real-time the data from a different context and sources. Initially, we develop it in order to manage complex workflows, automating actions and decisions, in a real-time environment. We envisioned a programming paradigm that focuses on context awareness and rules (conditions and actions). In order to ensure scalability and keep the focus on solutions, we started an evolution toward a complete cloud-native solution. KRules today is based on Kubernetes and Knative. A rule is part of a rules-set and each rules-set reside in a container, receiving contextual messages. Its uniqueness lies in the “glue” that can connect all components together in a reactive and context-aware logic.


Alberto Degli Esposti: Cloud Architect with more than 20 years experience, from server side applications to Kubernetes. Airspot Founder.

Antonio Murciano: Focused on Smart City, Factory 4.0 and IoT product development. Agile project management passionate and advocate of human centered design of tech projects.

The speaker

Antonio Murciano

Agile project management (at CNCF Italy)